NetGCS Training

NOTE: For more extensive training please contact us and one of our staff will walk you through the entire system.
Our main goal is to help you succeed with your Gift and Reward card program(s)

1. How to register a new Merchant Account

  1. Start by going to home page and choose, Business [Start Here]
  2. Enter your email, PIN and Password and click [Register]
  3. You will receive an email verfication, follow the link in the email
  4. Your registration will be confirmed, login and continue with the account wizard
  5. Complete all the required fields through the wizard account setup process
  6. Enter your payment details and complete the Account setup

Your account should now be setup and ready to start processing gift cards.

2. How to use the Transaction Terminal

  1. Login to your Merchant account and navigate to the Transaction Terminal
  2. Click on [Create Card Account] to create a new Cardholder account for your Customers
  3. Note: there are two types of card accounts, [Standard Card] and [Gift Card]
    • A [Standard Card] can be used as your customers global card, anything goes
    • A [Standard Card] can be used for Reward points, Punch Points or even load it with cash
    • A [Gift Card] can only be used for it's cash value, when it hits $0 balance it's no longer usable
  4. Use the [Global Search] textbox to search your Cardholder customers by Name, Phone, Email
  5. Note: you can enter portions of peoples names like: "Joh" instead of "john"
  6. Use the [Add Credit], [Redeeem Credit] and [Edit Account] buttons for adding and subtracting funds or points
  7. Enter your payment details and complete the Account setup

2. How to use Reports

  1. Login to your Merchant account and navigate to Reports
  2. Select a From and To date
  3. Select the store you wish to pull reports for
  4. Then simply click on the report of your choice
  5. A data table will display with very user friendly navigation functionality

How To Videos

1. Add In-Store Credit to your customers account
2. Sell eGift Cards from your web site
3. Send your customer their 16 digit card number
4. General Overview
5. Standard & Gift Card Types

Contact us any time for questions, concerns or assistance with the process of purchasing gift cards for NetGCS.